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Campus Programs

Our Annandale, VA campus is the flagship program of the Center for Redemptive Education.

Homeschool support programs for 4-6-year-olds and K-8th graders meet three days per week, mainly outdoors.

Click here to learn about additional Redemptive Education-affiliated programs and schools around the country.

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Boots & Roots (ages 4-6)

T-W-R 9 am - 12 noon

Children aged four through six participating in Boots & Roots engage with local flora and fauna. Active exploration and interaction with the natural world is interwoven with literature, literacy, science, music, art, and Biblical content.

Ages 4-6
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Scent of Water
(grades K-8th)

T-W-R 9 am - 3 pm

This program offers "the whole story for the whole child" to support home schooling families in their quest to align with God's design for their children. We see God's design for teaching and learning as Biblical, Relational, Integral and Experiential.

Qualified educators invite your child to engage deeply with the Creator and His creation. With a strong outdoor education focus, Scent of Water classes reflect all school subjects while also celebrating the "emergent curriculum" that springs from the interests, ideas and explorations of the students themselves.

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Grades K-8
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What parents are saying...

I appreciate the biblical worldview. Experiential, Relational outdoor learning! I recommend it routinely to others seeking an alternative to traditional public / private / homeschool education.

Abigail Westbrook

Parent comments

Frequently Asked Questions


"There is a delicious moment when we first pick up a new book and open its cover. And then let the story begin!"

-- Amy Imbody, MEd, Founder and President of the Center for Redemptive Education, from her book, Wind from the Sea: Essays in Redemptive Education. 

Principles of Redemptive Education

Discover the biblical, relational, integral and experiential foundations of Redemptive Education.


Laura Ryba, MEd

Campus Coordinator

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