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Helping you reach your educational goals

Whether you teach children at home, serve in an established school or envision starting a school or homeschool support program in your own community, the Center for Redemptive Education can help you realize your educational goals.

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Homeschooling parent-teachers can learn Redemptive Education principles while gaining teacher certification. Homeschoolers can also enroll children in a local Redemptive Education program

Existing schools can join the Redemptive Education Association of Christian Schools (REACH), a nationwide network of like-minded school administrators and teachers. Certification is available for teachers and staff. Redemptive Education curricula for grades K-8 and ages 4-6 are also available.

Those considering starting a Redemptive Education program in their own community can link up with Redemptive Education Initiatives, a full-service program that provides curricula, teacher certification and professional development, expert consultation and REACH membership.

Goals of
Redemptive Education

Qualities of a
Redemptive Educator

"Our framework [for studying any literature, music, art, idea, philosophy, etc.] asks: What was God's original intent [for this literature, music, art, etc.]? To what extent do we see His intent reflected in it? To what extent do we see the fall of man in it? How is God calling me to respond to it?"

-- Amy Imbody, MEd, Founder and President of the Center for Redemptive Education, from her book, Wind from the Sea: Essays in Redemptive Education. 


To explore:

  • how your school can join and network with other like-minded schools and leaders;

  • how you can take advantage of teacher certification and mentoring;

  • how you can start up a Redemptive Education program,

please use the form below:

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