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Principles of Redemptive Education

Compared and contrasted
with other popular approaches

Your children

Center for Redemptive Education homeschool support programs exist to help you educate your own children. The programs provide homeschooling families with professional educators committed to teaching and loving your children, using curricula in sync with your Christian values.

This page outlines the four distinctives of a Redemptive Education: biblical, relational, integral and experiential.

Biblical, Relational, Integral, Experiential

Biblical - we compare and contrast all ideas with the standard of Scripture

Relational - our learning communities build unity among individual distinctives

Integral - we study topics holistically--not in artificial subject silos

Experiential - because one of the best ways to learn is by doing

The biblical, relational, integral and experiential principles of Redemptive Education.

With gratefulness for photos by Nancy Hostetler.

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Redemptive Education teaches your child to examine all ideas in light of the truth of Scripture. What is it that aligns with God's Word? Where does it diverge from His truth? What can we learn from this and how can we apply it to our lives?


Instead of expecting children to conform to institutional demands or mass-produced learning requirements, we foster a community that prizes the uniqueness of each individual child, who is made in the image of God.  Our morning Welcoming gathers together children of all ages who heartily sing classic hymns, eagerly participate in discussions and sincerely pray for one another and those in need.

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Rather than adopting traditional artificial silos of subjects, we see many subjects at play all at once in the real world. A simple project of building a wigwam in the forest, for example, can employ engineering and math, a study of Native American culture, instruction in survival skills, reading early American poetry, learning about the flora and fauna of the surroundings, and so much more.


One of the best ways to learn is by doing. Our emphasis on experiential learning means your child learns more than facts and theories; our students learn how to apply facts and theories in real world experiences. We also highly value initiative, and our students will often create and direct their own experiential projects.

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CRE founder Amy Imbody, MEd explains the biblical focus of Redemptive Education.

Statement of Faith & Guiding Principles

Parent testimonials

The education provides spiritual and character formation along with encouraging the wonder of being outside and creation. 

Nathan Hitchen

Campus programs

Ages 4-6: Boots & Roots
Grades K-8th: Scent of Water



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Programs Administrator

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