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Campus Programs

Campus programs

Parent: "Best thing that has happened" to my daughter

Student: "Changed my life and my family"

Researcher impressed

Thank you so much for welcoming us to your wonderful educational setting. I really enjoyed meeting with you and with your colleagues, and especially with the students. It was wonderfully comforting to be in the woods. Congratulations on all you are achieving. We were very impressed!

Professor and researcher, The University of Buckingham, England

Hands-on activities

I like the hands-on activities, music, art, literature, biblical worldviews, and relationships.

Emily Basham

Biblical worldview

I appreciate the biblical worldview. Experiential, Relational outdoor learning! I recommend it routinely to others seeking an alternative to traditional public / private / homeschool education. I appreciate the solidarity with the leadership of the host church. Also—the green space and beautiful woods /creek.

Abigail Westbrook

Love attending

My children love going to school! The community, the kindness of the teachers, the emphasis on Christian character formation, the unique educational experience. It has wonderful woods and space for the kids.

Danielle Hitchen

Christ-centered foundation

I appreciate the Christ-centered foundation of everything and the beautiful open space.

Jessica Christopher

Blessed family

My grandson loved his first year with the amazing Redemptive Ed program and is so looking forward to this coming September, along with his two younger brothers!!!! Our whole family was blessed by this life-changing experience… thank you Mrs. Imbody and all of the wonderful teachers and staff who are making a difference.

Nancy Hostetler

Outdoor learning

The strongest elements of my child/ren's education include: Being outside all day. Being in the wood exploring. Engaging with outside experiments and experiences.

Boots & Roots parent

Literature-based learning

We have been so blessed by our time at SOW. The boys very quickly connected with friends and have enjoyed their days of learning. I appreciate the group work and unit study projects. I appreciate the Christ-centered perspective and literature-based learning.

Scent of Water parent

Spiritual influence

I like the positive spiritual influence and working on social skills. The pretty and large outdoor area is secluded, away from busy roads.

Scent of Water parent

The best I could wish for

Great balance of teacher-directed learning and free play. Wonderful hymn and stories. Thoughtful crafts. Intentional and respectful disciplining. River Farm is an absolute perfect all weather location for this program. The best I could wish for.

Boots and Roots parent

Interest-driven approach

I appreciate the outdoors, the interest-driven approach, the sense of curiosity and collaboration, the nurturing environment, the freedom. It’s beautiful.

Scent of Water parent

Love the curriculum

My girls love the material/curriculum they are learning. They like that it's hands-on and flexible for each person's individual learning needs. They love that it is biblical, and they most enjoy all the grade levels together for Welcoming, Lunch, and Recess.

Laura Ryba

Being in a group

The strongest elements of my child/ren's education include a positive experience of being in a group of kids and having a teacher and all that comes with that.

Beatrice Ellis

Seeing growth in phonic and letter skills

In the seven weeks that my son has been attending boots and roots I have seen already a lot of growth in his phonic/letter skills, memorization of songs and Bible verses, throwing/catching skills, and overall confidence. I am amazed at all of the songs and verses he has memorized. I think it is great the content that he is encouraged to memorize at Boots and Roots. I like all the open spaces on the campus.

Candace Steele

Beautiful outdoor space

What I like are the experiential academic experience and the lovely outdoors! Beautiful outdoor space! My daughter loves her teacher and is having a great year and learning so much!

Scent of Water parent

Open space

I like the openness of the space and the garden area.

Ashleigh Gunn

Integral studies

We absolutely love Scent of Water! It's been a tremendous blessing. The strongest elements of my children's education include the holistic approach to education, the hybrid outdoor-indoor approach, and the academically rigorous yet holistic and engaging approach to learning. Amy Imbody is an effective and wonderful leader! The biblical integration is beautiful and thorough (music, Bible memory, approach to teaching the children, etc.). The musical aspect--what an incredible experience for our children to be involved in the musical!

Kristin Pushak

Joyful, respectful, thoughtful

Being a brand new Boots & Roots parent this year, I have loved helping with the carpool check-in line and becoming familiar with the names and faces of both students and parents. Being around them for just a brief time each week has left me with the impression that this is a group of joyful, respectful, thoughtful, responsible, and fun people, from the youngest to the oldest!

Boots & Roots parent

No testing pressure

I like the way in which my children get to delve into learning in an authentic and meaningful way. There is no high pressure to pass a test; they simply are learning for the joy of learning and I have seen that attitude come home. They want to research and learn new things.

Scent of Water parent

Collaborative learning

I like the collaborative learning and opportunities to create through art and writing. Vast space and opportunity for creative and imaginative play.

Scent of Water parent

Creative approaches

I appreciate the excellent communication and creative approaches to concepts, and the friendly, God-centered community.

Boots and Roots parent

Hands-on projects

What I especially like about the program includes memorizing scripture in a fun and interactive way. Singing hymns. Interaction between students of different ages. I like that there are woods, creek, gardens, benches, and picnic tables. Time spent outside. Engaged teachers. Reading good literature. Hands-on projects. Encouraging creativity.

Scent of Water parent

Comprehensive phonics

I like the comprehensive phonics instruction and the amount of time they have outside.

Danielle Hitchen

Learning is happening naturally

For the first time in his life, my child is enjoying school, especially all the outdoor time. Learning appears to be happening naturally for him. I think he is learning the most about Christianity/Bible memorization. He has also learned a lot of geography so far. My son loves the creek and woods. I talk about the Center for Redemptive Education all the time to friends!

Lauren Russo

I like everything

I like everything. The staff is the best and the host family is beyond amazing. Overall, the land and location are stunningly gorgeous.

--Melissa Wacker

Focus on God and His creation

Our son is thriving at Boots and Roots and asks everyday if the next day is school. He is learning lots about the outdoors and playing with peers. We like the focus on God and His creation.

Winston Steele

Shared values

The outdoor learning is fabulous and having solid Christian teachers whose beliefs we agree with is a huge value.

Joel Rogers

Fellowship with believers

I appreciate the biblical teaching and fellowship with other believers.

Scent of Water parent

Learning through play

I like the learning through play and the beautiful setting.

Boots and Roots parent

Hands-on learning

I like the socialization, outdoors, hands-on learning.

Scent of Water parent

Amazing middle school

The middle school program is amazing. My kids are loving all the projects, research, etc. that they are doing.

Scent of Water parent

Group dynamics

I appreciate the group dynamics, social dynamics, science. It’s beautiful.

Boots and Roots parent


The strongest elements of my children's education include relationships within and between classes, projects formed to meet their interests, integral learning. What I especially like about the program includes all the tenets of the Center for Redemptive Education, outdoor learning, sweet community.

Scent of Water parent

Early phonics and math

I appreciate the introduction of early phonics and math, focus on memorization of scripture and hymns, opportunity to learn in nature.

Candace Steele

Learning about the Creator and creation

We love Scent of Water! I am SO thankful my daughter gets to learn about the Creator in His creation. I love that she is given the opportunity to explore, play, read good, rich books, sing, and consider God's world and her role in it! I appreciate the Unit Studies, the community of classmates, teachers, and parents, and the foundation of a biblical worldview.

Emily Basham

Character formation

The education provides spiritual and character formation along with encouraging the wonder of being outside and creation.

Nathan Hitchen

Our girls love going

Our girls love going and enjoy their teachers! Logic of English seems strong and helpful with their reading development. The hospitality and vision alignment of the host church is huge. Amazing weekly updates!

Joel Rogers

First educational experience

Our daughter read wonderful books with her class that sparked her imagination and taught her facts about God's world. She is confident in the outdoors thanks to all the time she was able to be outside. She has learned the discipline of observation. Ms. Steele's activities were creative and engaging. Your first school experience is either good or bad, Ms. Steele was a HUGE part of making ours great! We're thankful!

Emily Basham

Christian worldview permeates

Christian worldview permeates everything! Beautiful learning. Interest-led learning within the structure of a good curriculum. Loved the books they read and how integrated everything is. Our daughter has had a very happy year and loves learning.

Scent of Water parent

Outdoor exploration

I like the outdoor exploration, social learning, creative expression. Lots of place to explore!

Boots and Roots parent

Beautiful art and literature

Overall, it seems wonderful! I love the read-alouds, so much free time to play and explore. I like the time outdoors, the time emphasizing beautiful art and literature and scripture and discussing it. I appreciate the space, the woods, the creek, the safety and being set back from the main road.

Boots and Roots parent

Engaging with older children

I like my child engaging with older children, getting dirty exploring outside.

Boots and Roots parent

Joy for learning

I have seen an increase in my children's joy for learning.

Scent of Water parent

CRE Teachers

EL3V0004 copy.jpg
CRE Teachers


Mrs. Buser continues to wow us with her teaching! She is creative, enthusiastic, and thoughtful. It is evident how invested she is in each of her students.

Candace Steele

Children made in God's image

Dinah Steele has been a blessing for our girls as they’ve progressed up through K-1. She cares about them as students but more importantly as children made in God’s image. She is also very insightful work suggestions for where our daughter can grow in her learning. Thank you for the hard work and dedication over multiple years!

Joel Rogers

Attuned to my child

The teachers (Ms. Steele, Ms. Tamulonis, and Mrs. Atkinson) are attuned to my child’s strengths and attentive to his needs.

Abigail Westbrook

Friendly and patient

Kristen Tamulonis is very friendly, patient and knowledgeable. Very informative emails at the end of the week.

Scent of Water parent

My son loves school with his teacher

My son's teacher is amazing in everyday and he loves school with her.

Scent of Water parent

Just the best

I think Dinah Steele is just the best, and I wish my child could have her for another year. She is so competent, communicative, creative, and loving.

Danielle Hitchens

Our son is thriving

Mrs. Buser is fantastic. I like the size of the campus. Our son loves Mrs. Buser and tells stories about her once he gets home. My wife and I enjoy the weekly update and pictures, which our son explains to us thoroughly. We are extremely impressed with Mrs. Buser and her way with the kids. Our son is thriving.

Winston Steele

Teacher understands stress of deployment

I love that our son's teacher treats him like she treats her own children. She looks out for his well-being and genuinely cares about him. She understands that his dad has been deployed all year and understands the stress and pressure that puts in a family.

Melissa Wacker

Intentional and loving

Ms. Buser is a fabulous teacher. Very intentional and loving.

Boots and Roots parent

Great job of communicating

Ms. Steele has done a great job of communicating with us the needs of our student and listening to and responding to our concerns.

Scent of Water parent

Lit a motivating spark

Our daughter is coming to an end of our two years in Ms. Steele's class. I can NOT say enough positive things about Ms. Steele. She has lit a motivating spark for our daughter through her dynamic lessons, songs, and sweet student/teacher relationship. I have found it easy and delightful to partner with her in educating our daughhter. I would be heartbroken to leave Ms. Steele, but I don't have to be because my son starts K/1 next year! I am SO grateful for Ms. Steele.

Emily Basham

I want to be a student in her class

I can't say enough good things about having Ms. Steele as our daughter's K/1 teacher. She is great with the children and her communication with me has been regular and clear. I want to be a student in her class. We are SO thankful for Ms. Steele!

Emily Basham

Thriving academically for the first time

Both our children are inspired by their teachers' hunger to learn and excitement to teach. Strong teachers. Flexible approach. Both of my kids are outside-the-box learners and this year in particular they have really started to thrive academically for the first time thanks to these teachers and the flexible model that allows them to learn in so many different ways.

Scent of Water parent

I adore this teacher

I just really adore Ms. Steele.

Boots and Roots parent

Doesn't get better than this teacher

I learn from Ms. Steele every opportunity I get. It doesn’t get better than her. Absolute tops.

Boots and Roots parent

Understanding and dedicated

Kristen Tamulonis has been a great teacher. She’s had good pointers for our daughter and seems to understand where she is strong and needs growth. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!

Joel Rogers

Cannot think of a better teacher

I love that each Thursday our son's teacher posts photos and a journal entry detailing the events of the week. It is the highlight of my week to see pictures of my son in his school element and read what did and learned. She is very consistent and very detailed. I could not think of a better teacher for my son. Mrs. Buser has wildly exceeded my expectations and set the bar very high.

Candace Steele

Listening and responding

Mrs. Buser has been a wonderful teacher. I appreciate how engaged she is listening and responding to students.

Boots & Roots parent

Helps me understand how my children learn

Appreciate the long, detailed emails so I can understand better what/how my children learn.

Scent of Water parent

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