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Coming Sep. 2025!


Grades 9-12

Classes: Monday through Thursday, 9 am - 3 pm

Internships: Scheduled with mentors

The innovative Redemptive Education approach--Biblical, Relational, Integral and Experiential--encourages students to actively explore, examine and evaluate all knowledge from a faith perspective.

Studying the Renaissance period, for example, would aim for a holistic understanding of how developments in philosophy, art, politics, literature, science and other disciplines all reflected a revolution of perspective that has theological implications.

The Redemptive Education approach seeks to draw upon each learner's natural curiosity and imagination, respecting their God-given ability to discern truth while granting freedom to question and draw conclusions based on evidence as well as moral principles.

Redemptive Educators understand that God has uniquely designed each learner. They strive to maximize each learner's natural strengths while also encouraging the development of strategies that address growth areas.

Research reveals the inherent benefits of an outdoor education, and the 18-acre campus is a natural laboratory that facilitates God's natural design for learners. Classroom spaces and an industrial kitchen in the building provide places for indoor study and projects.

A project approach helps learners take ownership of their learning, as they realize that education has meaningful, real-world applications; education is not just an artificial steppingstone to the next level of education.

Internships with local experts, enterprises and entrepreneurs implement this real-world learning approach, offering students an opportunity to determine and explore areas of interest that they themselves choose.


The Canopy program currently is under development; we will offer interest and information sessions beginning in September 2024.

Meanwhile, you are welcome to indicate your interest via email or the form below.


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