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(2022-23 Academic Year)

Equipping Image Bearers to say "YES!" to God.
Highly Flexible.
Uniquely Personalized.

This holistic, flexible high school program is designed to engage learners in real-world contexts with high expectations and high support. Students have their own Personalized Learning Plan. The Personalized Learning Plan includes 3 internships and a curriculum that interweaves content mastery, student interests, and creative expression.


Our program

...guides students in their quest for knowledge and growth as contributors and participants in God's great mission.

Our teachers

...notice and understand each student's unique gifts,  challenges and passions, facilitating development and extending support.

Our students

...are highly motivated,  keenly engaged, and ready  to invest energetically in this innovative program.

 Personalized Learning Plan

Each year, Canopy students receive a Personalized Learning Plan that includes a course of study and at least 3 internships. Students showcase their learning at open-house style Presentations of Learning. At the completion of the school year, students receive an official transcript.

Learning Plan

Planning Process


Family applies to the program.


Student interview.

(Student needs to show high motivation and deep personal  investment in the program.)


Parent interview.

(Parents will share their goals for their student.  Parents must show willing commitment to this alternative, highly individualized program.)


Notification of Acceptance

(Pending successful interview process.)


Planning process begins.

(Collaborative conversation between Parent/Student/Teacher)


On-going communication.

(Director keeps families informed about development of internships and course of study.)


Final presentation of Personalized Learning Plan.

(Includes course of study / internships.)

We are so grateful for all the time and valuable input our mentors gave to our program last year.


Canopy Spain Trip

Canopy students are working hard by providing services and programs to raise funds for their cross-cultural experience with a local church in Malaga, Spain.

If you wish to speed them on their way, please use the Donate button below.

Thank you!

Spain Trip
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Rachel Raggio

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