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Pricing / Apply

Tuition Rates

Boots & Roots - Ages 4-6: $3,995

Scent of Water - Grades K-8th: $6,950

Four Simple Steps to Enroll Your Child


APPLY using the "Apply" button below or this link.


INTERVIEW by phone with a CRE staff member (they're friendly).


REGISTER once accepted, using the "Register" button below or this link.


PAY the first invoice you receive and your child is enrolled!

Application fee is $100

and is non-refundable.

Tuition rates
Waitlist Pool

Waitlist Pool

  • If a class is full by the time you pay the first invoice, you will be placed in a waitlist pool

  • A waitlist pool is not a "first-come, first-served" queue but a pre-enrollment designation. If and when openings occur in a previously full class, CRE will review each family in the waitlist pool, determine priorities and extend invitations to enroll as deemed appropriate.

  • You must pay the first tuition invoice in order to have your child placed in the waitlist pool.

  • If no opening arises or you decide to remove your child from the waitlist, you can receive a refund of the (otherwise nonrefundable) first tuition payment.

  • After Jan. 15, when the enrollment process for the upcoming academic year opens to new families, special consideration is given first to families who have remained on the wait list pool.

Discount for four or more children

Families enrolling four or more children pay regular tuition only for the first three and receive a 50% discount on each additional child's tuition. Discount applies to the youngest child / children.


Tuition Assistance

NOTE: The full amount of budgeted tuition assistance funds for the 2023-24 academic year has been awarded to families. However, it is possible that more funds may become available later in the year, and families may continue to apply. If funds become available, the Education Assistance Committee will meet to determine awards.



"The biblical integration is beautiful and thorough--music, Bible memory, approach to teaching the children."

–Kristin Pushak, parent

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