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Pricing / Apply



Tuition Rates

Boots & Roots - Ages 4-6: $3,995

Scent of Water - Grades K-8th: $6,950


  1. Application fee is $100 and is non-refundable.

  2. Once your application has been approved, you will fill out a registration form.

  3. You will be invoiced for tuition, typically paid in ten equal payments, with the first payment due after registering. This payment is non-refundable and secures your child's (children's) place in the program(s). 

  • If a class is full by the time you pay the first invoice, you will be placed in a waitlist pool. A waitlist pool is not a "first-come, first-served" queue but a pre-enrollment designation. If and when openings occur in a previously full class, CRE will review each family in the waitlist pool, determine priorities and extend invitations to enroll as deemed appropriate.

Note: You must pay the first tuition invoice in order to have your child placed in the waitlist pool. If no opening arises or you decide to remove your child from the waitlist, you can receive a refund of the (otherwise nonrefundable) first tuition payment.

Payment methods

​We offer several methods of tuition payment, including electronic, which do result in fees charged to the Center on Redemptive Education. For example:

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  • PayPal charges the CRE ministry 3.49% + $.49 for all transactions except charitable donations. 

Credit Card
  • Credit card transactions charge the CRE ministry 2.9% for all transactions.

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  • ACH (electronic bank transfers) charge the CRE ministry 1% for all transactions.
Closeup of businessman hand writing and signing checkbook on the table at office. Business
  • Checks mailed to CRE result in no charge, so all of your payment goes directly to ministry.

We offer all of these options for your convenience. Please choose the option you prefer; we just provide this information so you are fully informed.​

Paying your invoice for recurring (e.g., monthly) tuition payments


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On your invoice, choosing the Bank (ACH) option means more money goes to ministry and less to credit companies and other payment vendors.

Discount for four or more children

Families enrolling four or more children pay regular tuition only for the first three and receive a 50% discount on each additional child's tuition. Discount applies to the youngest child / children.

4 Simple Steps to Enroll Your Child


APPLY using this link or an "Apply" button on this page.


INTERVIEW with a CRE staff member (they're friendly).


REGISTER using the link provided to you with your acceptance notification.


PAY the first invoice you receive and your child is enrolled!

Tuition Assistance

NOTE: The full amount of budgeted tuition assistance funds for the 2023-24 academic year has been awarded to families; currently no more assistance funds are available. However, it is possible that more funds may become available later in the year, and families may continue to apply. If funds become available, the Education Assistance Committee will meet to determine awards.
Donations to the education assistance fund may be made here.

We want to make it possible for your family to experience Redemptive Education.

As a Christian ministry, we aim to care for those in need while applying sound stewardship principles to ensure a sustainable ministry. We will do our best to make it possible for your family to afford tuition while also making sure we have sufficient resources to pay and retain the best teachers and responsibly balance the budget.

Supporters of the ministry have provided some funding as gifts to assist families in need. CRE also expands this fund as budget allows.

Since these funds are quite limited, we carefully review each request in light of available aid funding.

If you are:

  • a new family that has applied and has been interviewed and accepted,

  • or if you are a returning family,

​you should submit your registration form and tuition assistance form concurrently (i.e., same day). 

NOTE: As long as you submit the tuition assistance form concurrently with your registration form, you will not be invoiced until you receive a tuition assistance decision. If you do not submit your assistance form concurrently with your registration form, you will be invoiced at the regular rate. (If this happens, simply let us know by email, and we will make note of it and send you a new invoice when you receive the tuition assistance decision.)

The tuition assistance request form includes submission of family information and federal tax return documentation. You will note on that form how much tuition aid you are requesting. Indicate how much tuition assistance you will need. This figure should represent an amount that reflects the gap after you have exhausted your own financial resources. We wish we had the funds to grant every aid request in full. However, because aid funds are quite limited, requests for large percentages of the family's total tuition responsibility are not likely to be granted.

We encourage families to submit a completed tuition assistance application form with all documentation as early as possible, before budgeted funds are exhausted

A committee that meets regularly will review your information and request along with other applications for assistance.

The timing of when you receive notification of the committee's decision depends on the time of year and the number of other applicants. We do remain mindful of your family's need to make decisions and do our best to communicate the decision as soon as possible.  

CRE does not make public announcements about which families receive awards, and families receiving awards should protect this confidentiality as well.

Once you receive notification of a tuition assistance award, you will receive a first invoice, which must be paid by the specified date in order to secure your assistance award and your child's class placement.

Statement of Faith & Guiding Principles

Faith & Principles


"The biblical integration is beautiful and thorough--music, Bible memory, approach to teaching the children."

–Kristin Pushak, parent



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Susan Martin

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