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Redemptive Educator Certification

Redemptive Education Founder and President, Amy Imbody, MEd

Welcome, educators, to the quest to align with God’s design for teaching and learning!

As educators, you wear a lot of “hats” – instructor, discipler, coach, model, researcher, planner, administrator, leader, learner.

I wear these “hats,” too!

My educational journey included being a student in Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia; Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland; at the Overseas School of Rome, Italy; the International School of Islamabad, Pakistan; Penn State University; and Covenant College, Georgia.

As a teacher, I homeschooled my own four children, taught Sunday School, led youth groups, presented workshops for parents and teachers nationally and internationally (China, India), developed Boots & Roots with my own grandchildren, led home schooling co-ops; served as a classroom teacher, and later as a principal at private Christian schools, wrote curriculum for pre-K through 8th grades and wrote and taught professional development for Christian educators.

These many experiences served as catalyst and proving ground for the educational philosophy and model that became Redemptive Education.

A wonderful team partnered with me to launch the Center for Redemptive Education in 2018.

We exist to articulate, cultivate, demonstrate and facilitate the quest to align with God’s design.

We’ve prepared this certification in Redemptive Education so that YOU can join that journey.

May God bless you in your quest!

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Who should pursue certification?

  • Educators preparing to teach in a Redemptive Education program.

  • School teachers and administrators interested in implementing Redemptive Education principles in their own classrooms and schools.

  • Homeschooling parents and other individuals teaching in homeschooling groups.

  • Individuals and teams considering initiating a Redemptive Education program in their own community.

Benefits of certification

  • Equips you with a biblical, relational, integral and experiential approach to teaching and learning that has transformed learners and their families.

  • Secures a solid philosophical foundation so you know why you teach Redemptively.

  • Provides you with proven effective practical strategies and methods so you know how to help children learn--even in challenging circumstances.

  • Qualifies and prepares you to teach in an existing Redemptive Education program or even initiate a new program anywhere in the world.

  • Strengthens your educational skills and confidence in homeschooling your own children.

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Certification program resources and objectives

In Part One, you will be interacting with The Quest to Align with God's Design for Teaching and Learning textbook and eight 7-10-minute videos. These resources will provide you with a foundation in the philosophy underlying Redemptive Education. Note: If you are participating in a group in-person CRE professional development program, you will complete this section at least one week before the in-person group sessions.

In Part Two, you will complete and interact with the Wind from the Sea book of essays and ten praxis videos. The book and videos are designed to equip you with the practical skills you need to implement Redemptive Education principles as a teacher or leader in a learning program.

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  • You will use an online form to enter your responses and also to track your progress toward certification. The program is divided into two parts, each of which includes your interactions with both readings and videos.

  • You will pursue certification as a member of a cohort. Cohorts typically range from three to 15 individuals.

    • CRE Initiatives form cohorts of individuals who are or will be working together during the school year.

    • You also can form your own cohort by inviting two or more friends and colleagues to enroll also (note this on your registration form).

    • Otherwise, CRE will simply assign you to a cohort. Unless you indicate a desire for a later date, you will be assigned to the earliest quarterly cohort available.

  • Cohorts begin on the first day of March, June, September and December. You and each person in your cohort will have three months to complete the certification program.

  • Cohort participants all begin on the same date and meet for discussions at the same time, which is set by the Certification Coach well in advance so you can plan accordingly.

  • Some of your responses and interactions to the exercises, with CRE staff, will be written and some will be verbal--through online (or in the case of some Initiatives, in-person) group discussion meetings.

  • If an emergency prevents you from participating in a scheduled group discussion meeting, you may request a make-up from your Certification Coach. If granted, typically this will involve providing written responses to the discussion questions and also watching a recording of the discussion session you missed.

  • If, in the judgment of your Certification Coach, you fall too far behind in completing assignments, you will need to switch to the next available quarterly cohort to complete certification.

  • You will conclude the program with a personal interview with CRE founder Amy Imbody or a member of her staff.

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Maintaining your certification

Each year you will be able to maintain your certification by (a) either attending an official CRE conference or listening to specified conference presentations and completing an interaction response form and (b) paying the annual recertification fee.

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Any individual not currently participating in a Center for Redemptive Education program.
REACH member staff
Current staff at a REACH member school (see
Parent of a child currently enrolled in a CRE campus program, a CRE initiative (see or a REACH member school.
Special Need
You/your family qualify for a low-income-based federal assistance program
CRE Initiative
Participant in a CRE Initiative (school or campus) group certification program (see Cost is covered by your school or campus program.
Annual recertification
Requires attending a CRE conference or interacting with CRE conference content.

Fee payments are nonrefundable and are paid by clicking the Apply button below and completing the application form.


Ready to Apply
 for Certification or Annual Recertification

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