Educational Programs

CRE delights to offer educational programs with an approach that is Biblical, Relational, Integral and Experiential.


Boots & Roots

4 - 6 year olds

Children participating in Boots & Roots engage with the flora and fauna in our local parks. Active exploration and interaction with the natural world is interwoven with literature, literacy, science, music, art, and Biblical content. Social, artistic, academic, relational, spiritual and physical learning is offered via a strongly “delight-­‐driven” emergent curriculum based both on teacher-­initiated and child‐initiated goals and activities.


Scent of Water

K - 8  Home School Learning Community

This program from the Center for Redemptive Education offers "the whole story for the whole child" to support home schooling families in their quest to align with God's design for their children. We believe God's design for teaching and learning is BRIE- Biblical - through and through! Relational - we want to know you and your child! Integral- a holistic view of image-bearers and the world in which they live! And Experiential - head, hands, and heart!


High School Program

This holistic, flexible high school program is designed to engage learners in real-world contexts with high expectations and high support. Students have their own Personalized Learning Plan which includes 3 internships and a curriculum that interweaves content mastery, student interests, and creative expression.

Image by Jorge Salvador