The Center for Redemptive Education exists to articulate, cultivate, demonstrate and facilitate the quest to align with God’s design for teaching and learning, using an approach
that is Biblical, Relational, Integral and Experiential.


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Grace Andringa


“The Story of Reality”
Campus Visit and Workshop at The Freedom School, University City, MO

TestimonialChris Rensick, Assistant Head of School

"Rest Retreat" 

Educator Retreat February 2020

"I just so appreciate the thought and intention that went into all the times and spaces."


"I really appreciate how RE is directed towards a varied group of people."

"It was lovely to anchor our time together on not only the Bible passages about the disciples, but also the amazing poem, "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening.""

"I really appreciated the content of the sessions."

“Blessing the Body”

Conference at Holden Christian Academy

Guest Speaker: Nancy Pearcey

October 2019

"The Story of Reality was excellent and provided ways to spur my students onto deeper thought and deeper learning."

"I loved Nancy's talks which were very meaningful to me. I also loved getting to spend time with other educators there."

"One of my strongest takeaways was the concept of integral vs integrated. It has changed my thinking and is pushing me to change how I plan my courses."

"Steven Levy's session was excellent and I have thought a great deal about project based learning."

"This conference [was] deeply encouraging and transformational for my teachers. I desire to continue to bring teachers."

"It was like a retreat in some ways . I felt encouraged and equipped and inspired . It was also refreshing ."

"It was my first time attending. I enjoyed the presenters including the main speaker, Nancy Pearcey. It was memorable, thought provoking, and very practical."

Testimonials from teachers at Cornerstone Christian School - Washington, D.C. & from the

“Wind from the Sea” retreat and Redemptive Discipline Workshop

"I loved the balance of practical teaching tips with restful retreat! It was also special to have ample free time to play and bond as a team. I loved the “wind” theme - so worshipful!"

"I enjoyed the modeling of “jobs,” “story telling,” and movement. I also appreciated the integration of art and poems."

"This retreat was so welcoming and wonderful!"

"Thank you for bringing the “heart” and the “practices” together!"

"I have never had an emotional response to art before today . . ."

"I loved the painting talk, the music, the poetry, as well as the spiritual refreshment!"

"This was the BEST professional development we’ve ever had!"


“Savory Food: C. S. Lewis
on Cultivating Virtue”

Workshop at Veritas School, Richmond, VA

“Your compassion and passion are evident and beautiful - thank you!”


“Great ideas! I’m often concerned about students’ spending too long ‘cooped up’ in
classrooms - I like your approach to encourage a fuller engagement of the whole person!”


“SO helpful to watch your encouraging, engaging, management techniques!”


“This workshop was thoughtful and beautiful - THANK YOU!”


Grace Andringa testifies to the
power of Redemptive Education
in her children's lives.

ACSI Conference - Winston Salem, NC

"Your love for God, students, and teachers made me want to model your

way of “seeing” God, each other, the world, and literature."

"Thank you for welcoming me into your final

workshop - I wish I had come to all three!!"

"I now realize that teaching the virtues can be an

umbrella under which all texts fall. Thank you!"


CRE Conference - St. Louis, MO


"The conference was wonderful: refreshing

and encouraging to me and my staff!"

"The time together convinced me that the Redemptive Education

model is a direction we need to pursue!"

Seeking Shalom Conference