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Terebinth Field Studies

5th - 8th grade Experiential Science

“They will be called terebinths - oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord” (Is. 61:3)

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Join us as we embark on an exciting learning adventure! Terebinth II students (5th -8th grade) will learn subject matter through outdoor education, farming and a curriculum built to maximize connections using emergent lessons springing from the shared lives of children, their families, and their teachers. 


"Hundred Acre Wood"

in western Loudoun Co. 

  • 160 acres of fields and woods are the backdrop to Erika and Kraig Danielson's property. ​

  • Learning spaces include: streams, creeks pastures, fields, mountains, woods and barns.​​


  • Rachel Raggio - M.Ed (Regent University)

  • Maggie Dean - B.S. Biology (CNU) 

Registration & Tuition

Tuition for 2021-2022 school year: $3,300

Upon completion of registration forms, applicants will be invoiced for the first tuition payment ($330). This payment will secure a place in the class. The remaining tuition will be invoiced in nine equal monthly payments (September-May). 

Max enrollment: 24 students


  • Your worldview shapes your identity. 

  • We are God’s beloved. 

  • A Biblical worldview tells us that God designed each of us uniquely and with purpose.

  • Whole and true flourishing comes from a redeemed relationship with God.

  • God is the sustainer of all things.

  • Choices have results.

  • Worldview is a set of beliefs through which you interpret the world and out of which you act.

  • Scripture is the foundation of a Biblical worldview.

  • God calls us to be wise and faithful stewards. 

  • Creation reflects the characteristics of God. 

  • and more!


Terebinth 2021-2022 takes place one day per week on Fridays, begins in September and follows our SOW program schedule through the school year. 

Dependent on class enrollment, transportation will be provided from a Fairfax County location to Loudoun County learning site.

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