Our teachers represent degrees in the following: Double BA in Music/Fine Arts, BS in Biology/minor in Spanish, BA in Liberal Arts, BS Elementary Ed with Special Ed concentration, M.Ed in STEM, M.Ed Early Childhood, M.Ed Integrated Curriculum and Instruction. All faculty members have taught in a variety of educational settings, and all are experienced with teaching multi-grade classes. All are Redemptive Educators, receiving their training for the Scent of Water Learning Community from Amy Imbody, founder/director of the Center for Redemptive Education. Amy Imbody will be the onsite director for the Scent of Water program.



These are omnipresent in the Scent of Water curriculum, but do not show up in a packaged curriculum, nor in an easily identified mode, nor as a complete program. They are incorporated in, and/or emerge from everything being studied. Our integral curriculum makes it such that it is not always readily apparent when a “science” vs a “writing” vs a “math vs an “art” vs a “reading” lesson is happening! Sometimes they are all happening at once, sometimes one or two of these are being focused on, and sometimes a teacher will be maximizing the academic content that is hidden in the emergent curriculum flowing from the students, from current events, from children’s questions or observations, from the Lord bringing a certain thing to light. 




Our entire program reflects deep engagement with God’s Word, and with the world He spoke into being. Students learn, memorize, sing, illustrate, apply, act out, and honor scripture. Our daily “Welcoming” time first thing in the morning is an invitation to worship; consideration of God’s Word; consideration of His Truth, Beauty and Goodness; and a celebration of the privilege we have in learning from the Living Word, Jesus Christ Himself. As such, our approach to scripture is a devotional approach, rather than an academic approach. We do not offer a “Bible class,” or use a published Bible curriculum. The music we sing daily will primarily feature heritage hymns, which are at present a somewhat neglected treasure trove of the faith, and also original songs and hymns, generated by the worshipping minds, hearts, voices and instruments of our learning community. 


Doctrinal Differences

Scent of Water is a “mere Christianity” community. In C. S. Lewis’ book titled Mere Christianity, he explains that he will address the basic tenets of the historical Christian faith, taking no position on areas such as juice vs wine, infant vs “believer’s” baptism, and other topics in which believers have honest variance while maintaining a high view of scripture. In general, our approach will be to educate our students on the main “camps” held by believers, as well as whatever the prevailing cultural views are, equipping with appropriate Apologetics training while supporting children’s reliance on their own parents and faith communities. We do have a statement of faith from which we teach, as each family will acknowledge. We do not have a Scent of Water position on such things as evolution/origins, the timing of the Lord’s return, and other similar questions. We do affirm the veracity of God’s Word. We expect a wide range of denominational representation among the families in our learning community, and welcome this.



Scent of Water Learning Community embraces and employs the Redemptive Discipline principles in which our teachers are equipped. We will joyfully offer support to our parent community in Redemptive Discipline as well. Redemptive Discipline is highly relational, rather than reliant on external punishments or rewards, although we recognize the blessings of putting parameters in place, modeling for progress, and identifying growth goals as individuals and as a class or whole community. We do celebrate goals achieved! We believe in the blessing of adult authority, lived out with humility and confidence, for the peaceful shepherding of children and young people. We believe in discipleship. And we do desire our learning community to be a venue of both God’s Truth and His Grace in order to nurture a culture of honor and shalom – flourishing! – for all.

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