Notice of Intent

Our SOW families and many other families in this region have chosen to homeschool their students this upcoming school year. One of the steps towards establishing a homeschool year for students is submitting a letter called a "Notice of Intent" along with a list of subjects the student will study in the school year to the county. Attached to this post is a blank letter of intent that can be filled out and mailed to the Superintendent of the Virginia County of your residence. To make it easy for you, we've included a list of nearby counties with the superintendent name and address below.

Notice of Intent
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When submitting your list of subjects that are being taught, your list can be as simple as the following: math, literature, science, history, physical education, art, music.

Please let us know if you have any questions!


Arlington County

Dr. Francisco Durán

2110 Washington Blvd

Arlington, VA 22204

(703) 228-6000


Fairfax County

Dr. Scott S. Brabrand

Gatehouse Adm Ctr

8115 Gatehouse Rd

Falls Church, VA 22042


Loudoun County

Dr. Eric Williams

21000 Education Court

Ashburn, VA 20148