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Leading Children Into Outdoor Learning Spaces

Parents, teachers, and other educators are getting the message that kids thrive in the great outdoors! Academic, social, emotional and certainly physical flourishing flow from children’s intimate interaction with the natural world. We understand this. We believe this. We want to DO this! But: “this” – this taking children out of the house, out of the classroom, out of the building altogether and into the woods and fields and streams: “this” can be daunting, especially to those of us who have not done “this” much ourselves, let alone in the company of children.

HERE WE GO! is a simple, replicable, accessible framework that can help equip even the novice or inexperienced adult to lead school-aged children into outdoor learning spaces. Its five facets of outdoor learning can be employed by the minimalist mom just hoping to survive the park or expanded for use by the teacher or professional naturalist engaging with students.

You can download the HERE WE GO! document below and listen to the podcast series HERE WE GO! on LIFEintheBRIE to hear Amy Imbody as she helps parents and teachers approach the outdoor classroom with their students.

HERE WE GO! Leading Children Into Outdoo
Download • 23KB

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