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CRE featured in CACE post on Christian Deeper Learning

The Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE) has published an article on their website which highlights 6 approaches to Christian Deeper Learning (CDL). Beerens and Levy write, "Among Christian educators who are embracing the principles of CDL, there are a variety of ways to live them out in various settings. Reaching these common ends will occur through different models that schools find helpful in their contexts. What we hope to do in this blog series is to celebrate, lift up, and explore these models to promote clarity, understanding, and encouragement among schools desiring to move into CDL. We have chosen to highlight six current approaches to CDL in our upcoming series, but desire to enfold and communicate about other models as we learn of them. The six models we will explore arePBL(Project Based Learning),EL(Expeditionary Learning) Education,TfT(Teaching for Transformation),IB(International Baccalaureate),Big Picture Learning, andRedemptive Education. "

You can read the article in its entirety here:

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