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Carolyn Balch

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Hi, I'm Carolyn Balch, the author of Engaging Science Labs. I started my career as a high school physics teacher, and then I entered the field of museum education where I spent ten years at the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution. There I wrote science education materials and ran teacher workshops.

When my children were born, I left the workforce, and our family got involved with a school startup. My children grew and with them, the school; I volunteered weekly, running science experiments for my son's class. I joined the faculty for several years as the middle school science teacher when the seventh grade was added. Now I write full-time, working on publishing the curriculum I developed while I was teaching. Each online course is a unit of study from a hands-on, laboratory-experience perspective.

Check out Carolyn's curriculum:

Engaging Science Labs


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Karen Kittelson - 3rd Grade Teacher
Covenant Christian School St. Louis

Karen Kittelson was highlighted by her CCSSTL Principal John Roberts. Roberts shared, "A parent recently sent this note to me: 'Just wanted to give Karen a special shout out and let you all know how organized, generous of her time and energy and encouraging to the students she has been. She is really doing a great job with this whole thing. I know it isn't easy, but she is making these third graders feel very comfortable with her and she is allowing them to spend time with her and each other.  It has been a blessing during this crazy, weird time. Thank you Karen for all the ways you continue to bless these kids.  She is killing this whole technology thing and her organization is quite amazing!!'"

To read more about what Karen is doing to keep BRIE as part of her online teaching, click here.



Kim Balek - 1st Grade Teacher

The Freedom School, St. Louis​

Kim Balek from the Freedom School in St. Louis was highlighted this summer as a teacher who exemplified BRIE teaching. Here is what Kim shared with us about how she is working to maintain the Biblical, relational, integral and experiential parts of her classroom even though she was teaching virtually.


"I would definitely say the relationship with families was an unexpected good thing that came from distance learning.  The chance to have reconciliation with the one mom was something that I never dreamed possible.  I never before had spent time visiting students' homes but now it feels like something I want to continue doing.  I want to be able to continue having the depth of relationship with families once distance learning is not the norm.  I'm not sure how that will work with families working, but it's something I want to figure out how to make work."