The Center for Redemptive Education exists to articulate, cultivate, demonstrate and facilitate the quest to align with God’s design for teaching and learning, using an approach
that is Biblical, Relational, Integral and Experiential.


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Terebinth Middle School

Outdoor Homeschool Enrichment Program

Limited spots open for our trial sessions. 

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Join us as we embark on an exciting learning adventure! We are opening up the school for trial sessions this Fall. As such, space is limited. The school will be located at Edgegrove Farm which is a historic eco-organic farm. It is here where Terebinth students will learn subject matter through outdoor education, farming and a curriculum built to maximize connections using emergent lessons springing from the shared lives of children, their families, and their teachers. It will honor the uniqueness of children by having a holistic knowledge of each student (spiritually, academically, socially, physically, and emotionally). Teachers will nurture students’ growth while mindfully preparing them for their future.

  • Students will be working outside or in a barn during their day at Edgegrove Farm. Learning spaces include: pond, creek, pastures, fields, and barns.


  • Your worldview shapes your identity. 

  • We are God’s beloved. 

  • A Biblical worldview tells us that God designed each of us uniquely and with purpose.

  • Whole and true flourishing comes from a redeemed relationship with God.

  • God is the sustainer of all things.

  • Choices have results.

  • Worldview is a set of beliefs through which you interpret the world and out of which you act.

  • Scripture is the foundation of a Biblical worldview.

  • God calls us to be wise and faithful stewards. 

  • Creation reflects the characteristics of God. 

  • and more!


  • Rachel Schroeder - M.Ed (Regent University)

  • Erica Reiter - M.Ed (University of Virginia)

  • Amy Imbody - M.Ed (Covenant College)


  • Session FourAnimal Husbandry and Learning Styles

    • (4th-8th Grades)​

    • Session Four: Identity and Understanding our God-given Roles

      • 2nd and 3rd week of November

      • Tuesday and Thursday

      • 9:30-2:30

  • Session Five & Six: Permaculture Design

    • (4th-8th grades)

    • Session Five: Stewardship

      • 1st week of December

    • Session Six: God's Design

      • 2nd week of December


Session Sign-ups

Use the links below to sign up for individual sessions.

Session One and Session Two flow together but can be signed up for individually.

If you choose to sign up for both you will receive a $30 price break.

(Use code 2 sessions when you register for Session 2.)

Session Three is a month long but only meets three days a week.


Why are the days different for each session?

These trial sessions are a way that we can see what works best for students and their families. We want to offer a schedule that allows for deep learning but also allows flexibility for family life.

Why are there different age ranges?

These trial sessions are giving us the chance to see what will work best for our content and for true learning to take place.

What subjects will these sessions cover?

Each session is different but these  subjects will generally be covered: PE, Science, Literature, Composition, Art, Bible and Health.

What will a typical day look like?
  • Students will be dropped off on Edgegrove Road at the edge of the farm.

  • Students, with their teachers, will walk to the farm.

  • Setting the purpose. Students will stretch out from their walk and hear the purpose and schedule of their day. We will also spend time engaging in God's Word.

  • Students will engage in various learning activities.

  • Lunch -students will eat packed lunches from home.

  • Students will engage in various learning activities.

  • Students will be walked back to the meeting spot on Edgegrove Road. This walk will be used to recap the days lessons and debrief.

How can kids learn all these subjects outside?

Because the subjects are integrated, students will be reading books, writing and engaging with their physical environment in a way that helps build knowledge in meaningful ways. Lessons will be responsive. Students are expected to connect to their curiosity and ask questions that will drive their learning.

Where will my child use the restroom?

Students will have access to an indoor bathroom that is a single stall with a locking door. Normal safety protocols will be followed.

Can I stay with my child?

This is a drop-off program. However, if you would like to stay, we heartily welcome you. Please let us know in advance. You will only be able to help if we have a background check on file for you.

Don't see your question here? 

Email rachsc1@mail.regent.edu and Rachel will respond.