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Image by Kelli Tungay

Did you know that there are two free songs with accompaniment tracks and scores on our resource page? Miracle Morn joins the animals as they ponder the birth of Jesus while A Night's Lodging puts music to Luci Shaw's timeless poem celebrating our love for Jesus. This is the perfect time to listen to these two beautiful songs and incorporate them into your Christmas celebrations! Download and listen to the songs today! (Remember to use code "FREE MUSIC" at checkout.) Merry Christmas!

Outdoor Education has value for students beyond becoming familiar with their natural world. At CRE, one of our approaches to education is an integral approach. This approach reflects the cohesive nature of God and His creation using multi-disciplinary thematic units of study organized meaningfully around important ideas. When studying important ideas in nature, or outdoors, students can build rich schemas on which they can build for years to come.

The article, "Nature Provides Exceptional Multi-Disciplinary Learning Opportunities," gives educators a window into the value of learning happening in the context of the outdoors.