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Redemptive Ed Team - Back from India!

India 2018: What a blessed time it was, with approximately 40 eager teachers learning how to be Redemptive Educators!

We had the joy of seeing almost 400 village children come for their first day of school, encountering the gospel and the Good Shepherd as they sang scripture in their own language (Tamil), acted out the Big Story of Creation/Fall/Redemption, and began the journey out of the illiteracy of their forebears and into the joy of reading and writing. It was an amazing privilege for the Center for Redemptive Education to be a part of such a God-blessed adventure!

Education in India has traditionally been an exclusively rote system of “call and echo.” But Indian teachers are ready to expand their toolkits to include hands-on activities, driven by student initiative and inquiry! We will continue the professional development they desire using monthly follow-up meetings via Skype. We are humbled and inspired by these young educators’ dedication, love and readiness to learn entirely new ways.

THANK YOU for praying! THANK YOU for supporting Redemptive Education in India! Our travels were smooth (despite a 3 a.m. arrival in Chennai – and no driver in sight!) Our health was great (despite 100 degree temps and 98% humidity!) Our teamwork was joyful and effective (Kudos to Julie, our first timer!) And we ate fabulous Indian food throughout our whole trip – mmmm!

As our work continues through video, distance lessons, and (Lord willing) a return trip in 2019, we covet both your prayers AND your financial support for this mission.

Needs at the school and college where we served:

  • Curriculum for their youngest scholars. An excellent curriculum has been identified but is expensive for them – NOT expensive by US standards, however! Would you like to help with this? If we can facilitate their one-time purchase of the basic program, it will serve their students for many years.

  • Jesus in the hearts of these precious Hindu children and their families

  • Protection – the government of India is increasing its pressure on Christians and other minority groups. Gear up for spiritual battle – prayer battle – on behalf of our brethren! India worships thousands of “gods,” who harass and oppress those attempting to placate them. Pray.

  • Ongoing professional development for the faculty at this Christian college and school through our video meetings and resources. Let us know if the Lord prompts you to help support the India Project -