The Center for Redemptive Education exists to articulate, cultivate, demonstrate and facilitate the quest to align with God’s design for teaching and learning, using an approach
that is Biblical, Relational, Integral and Experiential.


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A Biblical approach flows from the Person of Christ and a truth-centered worldview that permeates every aspect of the school, from curriculum, to methods, to board deliberations, to scheduling of classes and activities. It asks, “How does this thing we are considering match up with God’s original intent? How is it messed up? What is God’s message to us from this study? And finally, what is His mission for us now, in response to our study?” Biblical truth infuses and informs every lesson, game, activity and field trip, rather than being confined to “Bible class” or chapel.


A Relational approach to teaching and learning combines both delight in and respect for children, parents, teachers, individuals, the family, the community, the culture, the world, the Creator. This explains our commitment to parental involvement at school, multi-age classes, and nurturing the uniqueness of each child. It informs our interest in discipleship, stewardship, instruction, integrity, humility, collaborative work, individual work, obedience, honor, courtesy, dialogue, character development, service to others, love for God. It’s all about relationship!


An Integral approach to curriculum and instruction seeks to reflect the cohesive nature of God and His creation using multi-disciplinary thematic units of study organized meaningfully around important ideas. It minimizes the artificial separation of the typical school “subjects,” seeking to continually show the real connections between them, in order to create authentic and enduring understandings. It likewise informs our view of the child as a holistic being comprised of “head, hand, and heart” rather than merely an intellect to be filled with academic data and information.

Redemptive Educators actively pursue specific goals, goals that are not always shared by our culture. We avidly invest in our beloved young souls to help them grow in their ability to:
OBSERVE the world with alert attentiveness

PURSUE ANSWERS to essential questions with initiative and perseverance

REMEMBER important things with
accuracy and comprehension

ARTICULATE enduring understandings in writing,in speech, in other ways

SHAPE DECISIONS and actions using intellect,discernment, applied wisdom

CULTIVATE AFFECTIONS to love what God loves,to honor what He honors

SERVE OTHERS selflessly with great love
and humility

EXPLORE God’s world with joyful confidence

DISCOVER vocation, “God’s calling,”
as our place in God’s world

and EXPERIENCE Christ: His Grace, His Truth