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Donation Categories:


1. General Fund | supports areas of greatest need (i.e. hiring staff, curriculum development, and content production such as podcasts for educators and the core Redemptive Education text)

2. SOW Education Assistance Fund | provides financial support to families enrolling their children in the Scent of Water program who may not otherwise be able to participate.

3. India Project | we expect to return to India when circumstances allow. Donations help us prepare and to continue video and email conferencing with teachers and college students in rural India.

4. RESURGE Program | allows us to provide outdoor education and garden training to schools serving economically  disadvantaged communities as they respond to the Covid-19 pandemic by moving their classrooms outdoors.

5. Boots & Roots | allows us to pay teachers and purchase supplies for this enriching early-childhood outdoor immersion program.

6. REACH Member Schools | supports administrators and faculty in our Redemptive Education Association of Christian Schools through Zoom collaborations, annual trainings, curriculum development and more.


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