Boots & Roots

Ages 4 - 6

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Children participating in Boots & Roots engage with the flora and fauna in our local parks. Active exploration and interaction with the natural world is interwoven with literature, literacy, science, music, art, and Biblical content. Social, artistic, academic, relational, spiritual and physical learning is offered via a strongly “delight-­driven” emergent curriculum based both on teacher-initiated and child‐initiated goals and activities.

God as Creator is highlighted throughout the adventures!

* There are spaces available in Loudoun and Richmond for Spring '22, March - May. 
Please see the Tuition and Registration page for more details!

Boots & Roots
September - May 2022-2023

Fairfax County Campus - New Location starting in Fall '22!
Calvary Church

This property has 18+ acres of woods, creek, playing fields, meadows and gardens.  Boots & Roots, K-8, and our High School program, Canopy, are located at this location. 

Boots & Roots 3-Day

T / W / Tr 9am-12pm

Alexandria - New Location!
River Farm

This property has 25 acres of gardens, sprawling lawns and woods overlooking the Potomac River.


Boots & Roots 2-Day

M / F 9am-12pm

Loudoun County Campus - New Location!

Ride-On Ranch

Students at this campus will have opportunities to interact with horses, ponies, goats, chickens, gardens, woods, fields, and a big, big barn!  K-8 programming is also at this location.

Boots & Roots 3-Day

T / W / Tr 9am-12pm

Richmond Campus - New Location!
Private property

This property, owned by the Street family, has gardens, woods, creek and access to Forest Hills Park a block away.


Boots & Roots 3-Day

T / W / Tr 9am-12pm